Bathmate Review – My story and Results

If you have small Penis


You might be facing these problems in your daily life, Low self-confidence, Afraid to talk to girls, Afraid to have a Sex. Because In our culture having a big Dick is most valuable. I mean whenever we are with our friends we always talk about the Big Dick.

But Don’t worry…..

I was in the same position 6-7 months ago, Thanks to Bathmate which has solved my problem in just 3-4 Months of usage and now I am living a very happy life. In this Bathmate review, I am going to cover each and every Topic and my Story.

bathmate review


My Story

Before Bathmate review, let me tell you guys my story. I was living in the Dubai but I was not enjoying my life just because of my small dick. It was around 5.1 inches only. I have tried each and everything to make it big but all in vain.

One day I saw an ad about the bathmate Hydromax, but before purchasing it I have searched about the bathmate reviews and I was shocked believe me on the whole internet I have not seen a single negative review.  So without a second thought, I went to their official website and purchased Bathmate Hydromax Pump.

After Purchasing Bathmate I have not used it for over one week .


Actually, I was scared just like you.

There were so many questions popping up in my mind.

but one day I have started using it, Beleive me I was shocked when I saw the results of the first-day usage.

But in order to make it permanent I have started using it on daily basis and finally, I have got the permanent results.

check my Before and after pictures.


My Routine and schedule

In this Bathmare review, I am also including my daily routine so that you could get maximum Result.

  • Wear the Bathmate hydromax for at least 3-5 minutes as a Warm Up
  • Than do 50 jelqs with hand and 150 Jelqs with jelqing Device
  • After all this Wear the Bathmate Hydromax again for another 5 Minutes


The first Day Follow the Routine

And Second Day just wear the Bathmate Hydromax for almost 10 minutes. In this Way, you will be able to get maximum Results as it is my personal experience.

Bathmate Benefits

Now you might be thinking you could only get a bigger penis by using bathmate? But wait!  it will not only help you to have a big length but also it can help you to increase your performance in bed. Oh really? Hell Yeah.

Here is the Explanation

When we are doing exercise on daily basis we are building our muscles, our muscles become strong and Bigger. The same thing happens to our penis when we are pumping it daily. This increase the flow of blood which in turn help us to have a strong erection and better performance.

Here are some key Benefits of using Bathmate

  • Increase the width and girth  of your dick
  • Better Sexual Performance
  • Improve erection ( best for those who are facing erection problem
  • Increase health and well being

How Does Bathmate Works

Bathmate is created with new technology to help you to get the maximum results, Unlike the other Air penile pumps, it worked with the water. You can use the Warm water to get the better results.  Bathmate creates a vacuum in the tube and in turn in forces the penis and to enlarge to fill the tube. This is by increasing the blood flow to the penis. You will be able to the result even after first exercise but if you want to have the permanent results you need to use it regularly for 3-4 months.

How to know which Pump is good for me? How to choose the right Bathmate pump

On the official website of the Bathmate, there is a calculator which can help you to choose the right bathmate Hydromax pump for you.
You just need to enter you erect length and erect girth and it will show you the right Model. Pretty easy right?
Go Here and Select the Right Pump for you

Bathmate Hydromas Pumps

Bathmate review

I am going to explain each and every Bathmate Hydro Pump in this Bathmate review so that you could choose the best of the best Pump.

Bathmate Hydromax x20

This is for the Beginners or for those who have the penile length of around 4′-5.5′ or less. The Bathmate Hydromax x30 will help you to gain length of around 7′-7.5′ inches. This pump is the cheapest one and it costs around $139 but you will be able to gain only 7.5′.

Bathmate Hydromax x30

This is for those who have already grown their penile length to 7′-7.5′ and want to gain more length. If you are already used the X20 then it’s time to upgrade to x30. This pump will help you to gain the maximum result, I mean 30% faster than the x20. This can help you to gain up to 8.5′ penile length.

Bathmate Hydromax x40

Now let’s talk about the beast, it is 15% more in length than the x30. If you have a quite large length of up to 8′ this is the perfect choice for you. You just need to fill it with the warm water and insert your erected penis into and start pumping. This mechanism will help you to gain more length. You can grow up to 9.5′. Wanted to gain more length with Bathmate Hydromax x40? Buy it Here.

Bathmate Hydromax x50

This is the last of the x series. This is for those guys who have the penile length of around 9″ and it can help you to gain almost 11″ of length. These result could be temporary or permanent. But if you use it on regular basis you will get permanent results. Now you might be thinking there might be a very different way to use it? No, you can use it in the same as the other pumps.

Visit The Official website to Buy Pumps

Hydromax Extreme Series

If you want to gain more length and girth you can go with the extreme series. These pumps are packed with a lot of tools which can help you to speed up the process and also easy to use.

Bathmate Review: Side effects

Bathmate has side effects if you don’t choose the right model as per instructions. Go to their website and enter the information to choose the right one. Don’t overdo it because this can cause pain when you are ejaculating and also can affect the erection. Just follow the routine I have mentioned above this will never ever cause any problem.

Bathmate Review: Before and after pictures

Here are some reals result gained after using Bathmate and those Result are permanent because I am not using it for one month because I am happy with what I have got with these magical pumps.

Bathmate Review: FAQS

1: How much time it will take to see the result

This will take only 1 week to see the result but those result will be temporary if you wanted to see the permanent results use it regularly.

2: Results will be permanent?

Hell Yeah! If you use it regularly and use it by following the routine I have mentioned above you will surely get the desired result permanently.

3: Which Size Should I choose?

It all depends on your initial size and also the size you want to gain. Visit this link and enter the erect length and girth to choose the right modal for you.

4: How many Times I can use it?

I will suggest you use it once a day

5: What is the Price?

You can check the bathmate price here on the official website